All The Little Moments


Every month the outing happens and it feels like a blur. Trying to make sure everything goes as planned, everyone is participating, having fun, engaged, the lesson being implemented etc. I get home and it's like what just happened? Were we successful in all we attempted today?

One of my favorite things is looking back at the pictures. It slows everything down into all the little moments that happened. Every lesson that was taught, every vote of confidence given, every encouraging word spoken. 

I know I wear this line out, but it only takes one- one moment, one sentence. I can name you 3 of these in my own life that changed, propelled, and still drive me today. I firmly believe that is happening at every outing. 

Today we most likely inspired a chef, taught a boy had to be a father at his table, taught a girl what she deserves and should expect in a date, removed barriers from functioning at any level of society, turned a possible domestic violence case into a man of respect. 

These are the things that matter. This is what leads to change. To God be all the glory.