Build Relationships

True change is found in the context of genuine relationships. Charity can sometimes patronize and maintain dependence. Relationship produces trust and accountability. These aren’t faceless statistics. We are in direct relationship with these youth and their families, doing life together on a personal level.

Expose Opportunity

If you don’t know what’s waiting, how can you chase it? There is much success to be had between earning the minimum wage and being a professional athlete. We expose youth to a world otherwise unseen with outings to places of education, industry, art, culture, nature and more with the goal of igniting a dream and revealing a purpose.

Encourage Education 

Exposing youth to new opportunities promotes INTEREST & MOTIVATION towards their education. When a child receives an education, they gain their independence. No matter what life deals them, an educated child is prepared to find their own way.

Discover Freedom

With everything the world can offer, it is still meaningless outside of a relationship with Jesus Christ. We strive to live out and share the same love, grace, and truth that we’ve found in Jesus. “Love God. Love people.”