Autumn, 8th grade

"It's so great to see my child actually motivated about doing homework. She comes home after an outing and is excited about what she experienced and quick to complete the homework for the reward." -Autumn's mother

Andrew & Kelly, 6th & 8th grade

"I only liked Alabama before, but after seeing everything today I really like Auburn too!" -Students after a campus visit to Auburn

ashley, 7th Grade

When asked to write a school paper on pets, Ashley described her desire to become an attorney and prosecute animal abuse cases. We were floored at her initiative. With the help of an attorney friend, we exposed Ashley to a day filled with law offices, courtrooms, meeting young female attorneys, and a prominent county judge. Prepared with interview questions for each professional, Ashley impressed everyone she met. She may not even become an attorney, but we believe that day could be the one thing that propels her to excel in school in pursuit of any of her dreams. We’re not sure who made the bigger impact; the attorneys and judge...or Ashley.