• Open Eyes currently serves 6th-12th graders in Birmingham
  • The program is divided into Spring & Fall Semesters with an outing on the 2nd Saturday of each month
  • Students are accompanied by Mentors to various places of education, industry, art, business, culture, and nature
  • Students get to see firsthand the opportunities awaiting them via a hands-on experience, and also hear success stories and paths traveled from theme related individuals
  • Each outing focuses on enhancing social skills and includes a Bible study with a practical life application
  • A 1:2 Mentor |Student max ratio is maintained in order to devote a personal level of attention to each child
  • Students are admitted on a limited approval basis only and must adhere to the program’s strict conduct and attendance guidelines
  • Mentors complete an interview process and background check and are expected to exemplify the Gospel
  • Goals are set at the beginning of each semester by the Student and Mentor for academics, extracurriculars, and conduct. Goals are tracked and reviewed at the end of each semester to evaluate progress